I am a girl. the most beautiful creation of I Am. I put up a smile on my face even when I’m down. I can do anything if I want to. I’m not bossy; I’m a boss; GIRL BOSS!!! I don’t speak to please anyone and I don’t care what they think about me ’cause […]


Guest Post: Becoming a BETTER YOU!!

? If you think about it, there is really no end to being better because it will always be possible to become better and better every time.? Everyone wants to become more than they are now but cannot because they have not been able to follow the right procedure.? ?Cutting the long post short, below…

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When you give someone the place in your life to make you happy, they have been double promoted since they now also acquire the place inn your life to make you sad Food for thought : Preciousblaque.. Quote me. ’cause to the width and height and length of my knowledge and the number of years […]



Originally posted on Keeping up with AFHY:
Hi there everyone it’s another one of those random days right here on the blog. Welcome to another session right here with us I mean yktv. So today is one of those days where I pour it all out to u guys. Have you ever kept it all…

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What if rain stops falling. What if the sun stops shining. What if the plants refuse to grow. What if the fruits refuse to ripen. What if love ceases to exist. What if the waters dry up. What if the wind stops blowing. What if there comes another big bang. What if man starts to […]


Boost That Self-esteem of Yours

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson The overall worth and value we give ourselves is what our self esteem is but when you begin to feel less self-worth or individual value, your self esteem is becoming low and this is […]

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My First Leibster Award

KS Blog is an amazing blog, with interesting blog posts on animes and a good range of interesting topics too; not just that I want to use this opportunity to thank eggsandwich04 on KS Blogs for nominating me for this can check it out here P.S: It really means a lot to me Questions […]

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